As a filmmaker, I have the unique opportunity to see the powerful impact of film.
When my grandparents passed away a few years ago, one of my biggest regrets was not taking the time to sit down
with them, hear their stories, and capture it all on film. Nothing in life is more important than family,
and nothing is more important to remember than the lessons, stories and traditions that your own
family tells; your family legacy. 

When I heard my wife’s family was planning a surprise 85th birthday party for her grandmother,
I immediately thought of an idea to film her. Luckily, I was able to spend the time visiting and interviewing her,
and create a short film in time for the party. It was a beautiful experience to share the video with her
seven children and fifteen grandchildren, and to know they will be able to watch it long after she’s gone from this world.

Hence, the legacy package was born. Whether its your parents wedding anniversary, grandparents birthday,
friend’s retirement or family reunion, the legacy video will be a gift for all generations to watch and enjoy.
I am thrilled to be using my passion for film and love of family to offer this experience to you. I hope we can work
together to create something beautiful for your family!

Let’s get connected and
create something beautiful for your family!

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